As SOR’UN team, we believe that entrepreneurship is aboutbreaking norms to create tailored solutions to modern problems. That is why, after stepping into the scene in 2014 as “Whatsapp of Companies”, we have evolved to a platform that manages the brands’ written communications from oneplace, aiming to change the way they interact with their customers. While doing this, we based our value proposition first on people, then artifical intelligence.

Growth and Financing Process

Starting out with the idea of a mobile app to bring all the brands together, we had two big issues. First, we did not have any software developersand we needed partners that we could trust on the technical side. The second was that we needed an angel investor to finance our growth. We have made it through these times with the right partnerships, eventually placing our companyin an important position in digital industry.

Beyond Borders

Today, after starting out 5 years ago with 4 people, SOR’UNhas an expert team of 25 industry professionals, serving 30 of Turkey’s biggest brands. We have different problems now than we had back then, as we will be having different problems in the future; but adressing these, we will be exactly the same as we were the day we started- flexible, agile, and ground breaking.

Atacan Korkmaz
Software Developer
Şule Nur Sarı
Integration Engineer
Sinan Soysal
Marketing Consultant
Semih Erten
Senior Product Analyst
Rıdvan Kartal
Full Stack Developer
Ozan Bozkurt
Co-founder, Engineering
Kübra Sülün
Conversitonal AI Designer
Ozan Kınasakal
Software Developer
Ece Yenisöz Bekdikli
Conversational AI Designer
Berk Alaybeyoğlu
Business Operation Manager
Ahmad Mhaish
Lead Software Developer
Oğuzhan Başeğmez
Co-founder, Business Development & Sales
Anıl Kiper
Co-founder, Product & Marketing
Dilara Yazıcı
Conversational AI Designer
Ebru Kadıoğlu
Product Analyst
Mertcan Keskinoğlu
Business Operation Manager
Özgür Doğan
Co-founder, Engineering


    İsmail Paşa Sokak No: 34, 34718 Koşuyolu/İSTANBUL

    London Office

    24 The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9SG

    Phone Number: +44 20 30264690
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