Customer communication with Chatbots

SOR’UN, which brings together all communication channels in one digital platform in order to increase the customer satisfaction of the companies, reduces the costs of communication centers of the companies with Chatbots supported by artificial intelligence and natural processing.

Your new teammate: Chatbot

According to the Gartner reports, the rate for the employees to have an artificial intelligence co-worker will be 20% by 2022.

And the rate of operations to be run by the chatbots in customer relations will be 85%.

Earn time
and money

According to the Juniper reports, customers and companies will save 2.5 billion hours and 11 billion $
with chatbots by 2023.

Chatbots answer all questions while you are asleep

For your customers who need help out of working hours, you can support your account executives without overtime.

Owing to the chatbots supported by artificial intelligence, instead of unproductive operations, you can answer the questions and address the demands of your customers regardless of time.

Your questions will be answered in seconds even while you are asleep.

Incorporate Chatbots to your business!

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