Become a Sor’un partner and help companies provide effective customer service on digital channels and reduce communication center costs with ChatBots which operate with AI and NLP support.


Let’s Grow Your Business Together

Join SOR’UN Earners, recommend SOR’UN products to your customers and get the highest value for your business. Provide seamless support as customer requests change and evolve. Take the opportunity to create additional value for your customers with other SOR’UN products.

Let’s Develop Artificial Intelligence Products

Change the marketing, sales and customer service processes of your business and your customers by being among the creators of SOR’UN. Use Sor’un Flow and get the chance to develop many chatbots for your customers in a short time.

What advantages do you acquire with SOR'UN?

  • Sales commission
  • Taking part in Sor’un Certified Partners site
  • Education and learning centers
  • Access to private business and partner support techniques
  • Early promotions and updates on new products and strategies

What do we expect from you?

  • Market access and creating potential customers in your area
  • Working for the recognition of SOR'UN products in the market
  • Being an established business with potential customers in selected industries
  • Experience in customer support management and customer relations
  • Customer acquisition capacity


Advertising Agencies

As an advertising agency manager, you don't need to set up social media moderation teams. With Sor’un Flow, you can automate all your social media management. You can also increase customer interactions with ChatBots in creative marketing campaigns.

Call Centers

If you run a call center, Sor’un solutions are just what you need. For customers who want to manage all written channels on a single platform, you can use Sor’un Suite. You can increase your company's profitability by developing ChatBots on Sor’un Flow. You can also create productivity by reducing the number of customer representatives.

Technological Companies

Discover all the amazing capabilities of Sor’un products. You can create context-related, action-oriented apps for your customers. With Sor’un Flow, you can create task-oriented chatbots with different web service integrations

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