A New Communication Channel for Customers:
WhatsApp Business

Reaching 1.5 billion users in 2019, WhatsApp now offers unique opportunities for brands to communicate with customers. WhatsApp offers you great opportunities to increase your revenue and customer satisfaction. It also helps reduce your customer service costs.


Support Your Customers on Every Channel

Nowadays, customers prefer messaging applications that they use every day instead of downloading an application or filling out forms to reach brands. In response to the need for communication between companies and customers, this solution is provided through WhatsApp Business service.

Where to Use WhatsApp Business?

You can use WhatsApp Business for your marketing and promotional applications, as well as customer relations, such as contacting your customers, providing online support and evaluating feedback. Medium or larger companies offer the same solutions through WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp with SOR’UN

Can't you keep up with the speed of instant messages? Ask artificial intelligence supported ChatBots which are ready to help you! It can greet your customers for you, take the necessary information and even guide them to solve their problems.

Chatbot Company


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