What is a chatbot? Howdoes it work? What can it do? In this post, we will be answering thesequestions…

What is a chatbot? Howdoes it work? What can it do? In this post, we will be answering thesequestions…

It is safe to say that chatbots are currently the mostimportant piece of technology we owe to AI(Artificial Intelligence) today. Theterm is the combination of the words “Chat” and “Robot”. To make a moretechnical definition, it is a piece of software, consisting of algorithms, thatis developed for a variety of purposes. You can think of chatbots as simpleassistants, built for helping us.

We get their help in almost every way possible. Differentkinds of chatbots assist us when we’re doing things like making a hotelreservation, managing our bank account, or renting a car. It is true that todaywe mostly use them for rather simple purposes like giving feedback, asking forsupport, or expressing a complaint, but this is only the beginning; as they canvery well manage tasks like taking your meeting notes, writing your shoppinglist or listing your incomes and expenses. In some cases, they can even help HRdepartments with hiring new people.

How DoChatbots Work and What Can They Do?

Chatbots are based on a technology called NLP(NaturalLanguage Processing). They may also include soundsoftware(“ses yazılımı”nı böyle mi çevirirsiniz başka bir şey mi demekistersiniz bilemedim.). Aftergetting an input from the user(via sound or text), they process it within thecapacity of their algorithm, and put out the best result available based onwhat is requested from them. As a result, you can communicate with them similarto the way you can communicate with a human being, over text or sound.

Let’s give an example of what a sophisticated chatbot can dofor you today: Say you are about to leave the house and you are not sure howthe weather is going to be in the following hours. Instead of asking for adirect weather report, you can ask your chatbot whether you should take yourjacket or not, before going out. An advanced chatbot technology will recognizethis question, and “know” that it should check the weather report, and answeraccordingly. First, it gets hold of the data it needs, then it interprets thatdata to give the user a satisfying answer. To give a few more examples; ChineseWeChat bots are able to perform tasks like getting medical appointments,calling cabs, or checking in to flights.

These days, people are talking about how everyone will havea virtual assistant in the not so distant future. Virtual assistants arebasically chatbots, which means successfully making more personal andsophisticated virtual assistants in the future depends on the development ofchatbot technologies. In the upcoming posts, we will talk in detail about howchatbots will become a bigger part of our daily lives. Stay in touch!

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