Why Chatbots Should Be a Part of Your Business?

Basically, the competitive business scene out there today makes them necessary.

In the past weeks, we have covered what chatbots are, and where/how are they used. To summarize again, chatbots are one of the AI poweredtechnologies that are becoming a part of our daily lives today, and they are basically pieces of software designed for a variety of purposes, with the common intent of helping people performing certain tasks.

In today’s competitive business scene, brands can stayrelevant only if they stay in touch with the innovations and integrate the latest technologies to their business models. They need to create the perfect user experience for conversions, be fast and effective while staying within thebudget. This is where chatbots step in, and this is why they are slowly -butsurely- becoming a necessity, instead of a luxury. In this post, we will give you 6 reasons why you should integrate them to your business, without losing any more time.

Here we go…

With Them, You Can Develop Your Brand With Minimum Effort

The advancement of technology and the amount of competitioncreates a big variety of choices for potential customers, and this requiresbrands to create the fastest solutions while putting the least amount of effort.And because the customers nowadays are looking for fast and proactive solutionsthat require minimum effort, brands should do what it takes to adapt. Bots areless inclined to make mistakes, and they have easier access to potentialcustomers. This makes them a better candidate than humans when it comes tocustomer relationships. All you need to do is to develop the right chatbotsoftware for your business. According to SOR’UN data, the success rate ofcustomer interactions for chatbots are 80%.

They ReduceThe Costs

One of the biggest advantages of chatbots are that theirdevelopment cost is not that high. Especially when compared with a human workerwho will perform the same tasks, they will be significantly cheaper, and thismeans they will lower your costs a great deal in the long run. In addition,considering they will perform better in customer relationships, integratingthem to your business will better your price-quality rate. It is estimated thatby 2023, the amount of money saved by customers and brands will be around 11billion dollars.

They Speak Directly to The Millennials

The new generation doesn’t like wasting time on phone calls.They like to do a thorough research and make comparisons before purchasing aproduct or service. The millennials, who are by the way a majority of internetusers today, are interested in digital communication, as they are used to thedigitalized world in every aspect. So, if your target audience includes millennials,getting a chatbot on board will be a very smart investment. According toForbes, 57% of customers expect 24/7 support to be available from the brands.

They Offeran Interactive Marketing Platform

interactive marketing

First of all, chatbots are the best tools to hold people online, on any platform you can think of. Unlike apps or websites, chatbotinteractions are never passive; as they are always two sided. So if you want aninteractive marketing campaign, you will definitely benefit from includingchatbots in your strategy. Because this way, you will be creating two sidedinteractions, and you will have the ability to give your customers what theywant in a faster and more effective way.

They Increase Effectiveness

In addition to lowering costs on HR, you can easily automatizecertain routine tasks with chatbots. Remember, they never get tired, or bored,which means they can work 24/7 on customer relationships with consistency, andthat means increased productivity. This way, you can direct your workers tomore sophisticated tasks, focusing on improving your business. In a nutshell,using chatbots on regular customer relationships will result in fewer bounces,and this will increase your effectiveness.

They Speed Up The Process

As told above, chatbots are able to work without gettingbored or tired, and can directly communicate with users about their requestsand complaints. This way you will be reaching your customers directly, withoutincluding any third party, and this means the whole process of recognizing theissue, analyzing it and finding a solution will be considerably faster. Inaddition, the effort to put in and the time it all takes will decrease as well.

According to SOR’UN data, the average time it takes acustomer representative to answer a client is 1.8 minutes. For chatbots, ittakes 0 minutes!

In our presentation at the Smartcon İstanbul 2018, we havetalked about how brands can benefit from chatbot technologies, and how thesetechnologies can affect customer relationships. You can watch the complete presentation from the video below.

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