Fast, secure and contactless payment via Whatsapp: heSSapla

heSSapla is a payment system can easily be integrated with all kinds of businesses, enables its customers to pay easily without any contact.


three Steps Payment

By only using Whatsapp, Masterpass users are getting introduced with a brand new experience. heSSapla is created by Sor’un and Protein cooperation to meet the needs of businesses and give them a proper way of payment. heSSapla is integrating day to day needs with service industry.

1. scan qr code

Scan the qr code on your table by using the camera of your mobile phone.

2. Open Whatsapp

See the details and total charge of your check on your Whatsapp.

3. complete
your Payment

Complete the payment by using your Masterpass registered card.

Your New DIgItal Wallet: Whatsapp

WhatsApp, the most used messaging application, is turning into a wallet with heSSapla! Are you ready to enjoy paying contactless and safe?


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