Personalized Chatbots

SOR’UN Studio is a unit which designs and develops digital assistants for brands, with experts specialized in different fields of digital assistants in order to provide a flawless experience.


How Does Studio Design ChatBots?

Discovers & Defines

Your company and users' digital experiences are analyzed. During the analysis, the most frequently asked questions are identified, and ideas are developed through those FAQ’s.


Develops Ideas

The most suitable chatbot for your company is designed according to your company's needs and style. Your Chatbot can find quick solutions to your customers' problems, it gives advice, provides information and helps in all aspects according to your customers needs. The questions that Chatbot is expected to answer are identified, and the answers are taught to the Chatbot using the power of artificial intelligence.


Designs the Experience

Your Chatbot may have a character. As a result of the effort to identify a specific and comprehensive persona for your company, your chatbot possesses a character that best represents your company. This will enable you to personalize your chatbot to provide your customers a unique experience.


Improves & Follows

With our extensive and detailed reports, you can request improvements on your chatbot and follow them continuously.

Thanks to Sor’un Flow, you can track your chatbot without any technical knowledge and improve it according to the given feedback.


SOR'UN Studio!

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