Chatbot For Automotive Industry

Renting vehicles, forming test drives and service appointments, determining vehicle value is much easier with ChatBots supported by artificial intelligence through the channels your customers use every day!


Get Involved in Competition

Buying a car can be the first step of a long and efficient deal between dealers and customers. Most car owners spend approximately $ 1,200 on automotive maintenance in 6 years. If the customer is satisfied with the dealer from whom the vehicle is purchased and continues to carry out the service there, the company will increase its profitability.

Earn New Customers

Establish an interaction with visitors to your website to attract potential customers' attention. Answer customers' questions 24/7 to provide expert advice, dealer inventory, pricing, policies, financial options, and more. Integrate your ChatBot into your CRM system and send new leads directly to your ChatBot and gather information about their needs.

ChatBots Help Sales

Simulate the interaction between ChatBots and vehicle buyers. Understand buyers' needs, budgets and preferences and propose appropriate tools for them. Integrate your ChatBot into your dealer's inventory catalog to help customers find the right vehicle to meet their needs.

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