Chatbots for Banking and Finance

Sending and receiving money, making payments, checking your account balance is much more easier with Chatbots supported by natural language processing and artificial intelligence through communication channels used by your customers every day!



Over the last decade, the number of people using the mobile banking services and transaction volume increased more than five-fold and ten-fold, respectively. In the near future, Chatbots will have a say in this sector instead of mobile banking. With Chatbots, banks will save an average of 4 minutes from a conversation with each customer as well as more than 7 billion dollars annually by 2023.


For your corporation, you also can maximize customer satisfaction by providing the services offered by mobile and internet banking and a lot more with digital assistants in a faster and easier manner. Besides you can save time. In addition, you can ensure personalized service by using the data you received from your customers.

Send notifications to your customers, inform them about their account balances, make their money transfers and payments easier and even share tips on saving money and making investments.

Add a New Dimension to
Customer Services

Bring a breath of fresh air to your relationship with your customers with Sor’un Suite. By bringing the bank branch to their screens with a Chatbot, provide quick and easy customer service support and increase return rates from customers. When you need help, our Chatbots supported by artificial intelligence are ready to help you with anything you want!

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