Chatbots for
E-Commerce Sector

It is much easier to track cargos, form orders and manage return requests with Chatbots supported by artificial intelligence through communication channels used by your customers every day!


Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

Learning ability of artificial intelligence helps you monitor the demands, purchases and online transactions of the customers. By using this data, you can direct the right ads, offers, messages, and notifications to the right customers at the right time. You can notify the customers about discounts, can send discount codes and encourage them for shopping.

ChatBots Increase Sales

The research indicated that Chatbots reduce the rate of customers’ abandonmentof the shopping cart by 70%. When the customers add their products to the shopping cart, Chatbots start to track these products automatically. If a customer leaves the shopping cart without completing the order, it may help the customer to complete the order by going back to the relevant notifications.

Send Push Notifications

You can send your users push notifications through Chatbots about new products based on their areas of interest and purchasing behavior. Thus, you can make Chatbot the best platform to promote new products and services of your company.

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